Beyond Sex: Tantra

Written by Tanja Diamond, the Founder of Modern Tantra™, this book delivers exactly what it promises: a view beyond sex into the heart of Tantra. With an exceptionally written foreword announcing the clear intent of this book and the form of Tantra itself, the book lays claim to an updated version of Classical Tantra, only 3% of which relates to sex.

Tantra is an ancient technology- a holistic life science- which predates yoga, ayurvedic medicine, and mystical origins of our current culture.

In order to assist America to grow beyond its adolescent preoccupation with sex and porn, the principles in Tanja’s book are illustrated in 26 practical chapters, each with a how-to guide at the end to help implement an experience with each of the concepts.

This is foundational reading to prepare someone to advance to more practical relationship skills which apply to all sectors of business and inter-personal relationships. To those who really understand Tantra as a practice which expands human awareness and potential into the most practical as well as the most esoteric perceptions in life, this will help connect the lofty spiritual concepts with “Micro-practices” designed to put these principles into practice in a way that most modern people can handle.

Tanja struck a significant achievement by placing deep philosophical concepts into simple terms accessible to nearly everyone, using at most a 9th grade reading level. Without using sanskrit words or other challenging concepts, the intentional simplicity makes this title comprehensive and approachable.

26 chapters will give beginners a great introduction to the full scope of what Tantra offers, and it will allow Adepts to understand the subtle and powerful distinctions of The Tantra Teacher, Tanja Diamond.

“We are in serious trouble as a society. We are bankrupt in our lives, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and yet we have never heard of more ways to help ourselves. Instinctively we know to seek help and so we watch Oprah, and buy books, and self-help products of every kind, spending thousands of dollars. We know everything these days, but we are not implementing any of it….”

Tanja’s book changes all that by making positive life changes and better relationship skills available to everyone.

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