Break 80 Golf

Craig Sigl, the Founder and CEO of Break 80, Inc. has delivered countless successful programs to aid the Golfer and Sports enthusiast. With a clinical practice in Bellevue, WA. and feature spots on King-5 news in Seattle, his programs are recognized to achieve results.

Here’s a great excerpt from one of his blogs showing a cross-section of his operating system:

“You’ve been told all your life that the way to get better at golf is to first take a lesson. Then, go down to the golf range, and practice each individual movement that the pro golf instructor just taught you. And do it until it becomes habit, or repeatable without thinking. Yep, me too.

Here’s the thing. Since it makes sense, and it’s intuitive, it must be right, right?

I will not argue with you that that method I just outlined works. It does. I admit it. In fact, I’m not telling you here or anywhere in my writings not to practice. I never say that practicing golf is bad for your game…far from it!

The problem with most folks though, is either they practice terrible habits, or they don’t have time to practice at all! And so THEY NEVER IMPROVE.

It’s a tragedy really…”

He then backs it up with a solid framework to turn the tragedy into positive traction. Results speak for themselves.

Our clients are successful because they already understand the components of success, and then they take action. Good direction plus action equals results. With Diamota videos, results speak for themselves.

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