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Warrior-in-Chief Bret Treadwell (formerly branded as Treadwell Technologies) ushers in a new program with Butterfly Global and its call to action among leaders. BG has technology that teaches others exactly how to implement changes in their lives. Designed to work with any set of principles as the core teaching material, the technology supplies the missing link for the entire self-help and consciousness crowd. In the meat and potatoes model, the technology they have is like the Plate, Knife, and Fork.

Let’s put this in perspective – Tony Robbins, possibly the biggest name in training worldwide, still winces in his private moments as only about 5% of his audience actually follows through with the action plans and techniques learned in his seminars and trainings. Yet 5% might actually be a phenomenal number compared to others’ programs. However, to someone like Anthony who genuinely wants people to succeed to achieve their dreams, 5% is short of a home-run.

What if there were a technology that could get results with 25% of a group instead of just 5%. What if 25% of a group actually found a way to implement a course curriculum, a set of ideals or values, or a spiritual philosophy? What would our world be like!

The difference here is more than language or knowledge. We need to integrate our knowledge and implement it in our lives for it to be effective. All those things we know as bits of knowledge and wisdom seem to elude us in practice. How many times have we proudly said “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know!!” In reality, all the education we have needs to be applied in a practical sense in order to benefit from it, or to demonstrate to others that it is effective. Otherwise it is nearly useless.

Butterfly Global’s Way of the Warrior is revolutionary because it trains us and teaches us how to think instead of what to think. When we know how to think, we will get smarter, because we will understand how to apply knowledge in a positive, productive, and powerful sense. Once we learn how to implement knowledge – we learn how to teach ourselves to learn. This is a life-skill that is invaluable. Again- Butterfly Global has this training available and it’s terrifically exciting to us here because it speaks of global change.

It’s the model of empowerment that we like to see. It’s not about feeding a village. It’s about teaching a village how to fish.

Along with a general philosophy that one needs to grow strong with integrity and accountability, there seems to be ample appreciation from both Men and Women who are inspired by BG’s unique vision of an empowered society. Again, rather than teaching any philosophy or religion, the focus remains on the path to implement knowledge and wisdom and express it through the works in our lives.

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