FilterSure® Global Water Cleanup

Ron McIlwain, CEO and Founder of FilterSure Inc. has catapulted his vision of Clean Water for the Planet from a startup company 20 years ago. Now it is an internationally patented system being developed for worldwide deployment.

Cost Effectiveness is directly responsible for its part in some of the largest industrial operations in North America. This also happens to be one of the primary reasons the technology promises to do more than talk about the lofty goal of treating all the polluted water on the planet.

Another major leg of the water table served by FilterSure’s system is the ability to treat organic waste water from livestock, and this is providing new hope to large farms in the Eastern United States where the environment is a growing concern.

With tremendous Global Vision, and Ron’s leadership, FilterSure® is very clear and focused on being a steward of the Planet’s fresh water supply. This is one company which needs commercial campaigns as well as increased awareness via social media.

He’s got the commerce on track- now it’s time to show everyone what’s going on- and Diamota has contributed to launch this part of the campaign.

We are honored to be part of the solution to heal the Planet’s water.

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