Mitchell Program

“Gain a healthier, happier and smoke free life. The decision to move forward in your life can be much easier with the relaxation of hypnosis. In my Smoke Free Program you start by learning self hypnosis. Then in the second session you become smoke free. Then in the third session you learn to cope with stress using your mind…”

William Mitchell is serious about empowering others to achieve the results they want. This is what we enjoyed about his business. Ethical, smart, and dedicated. Ok- we like seeing results too.

He has hours of testimonials and excels in weight loss programs, and smoking cessation programs at his Personal Motivation Hynposis Clinic in Springfield, Illinois because he offers more than a “magic bullet.” For the price of a single session on CD according to others rates, he offers a set of 4-6 sessions as a complete course. His work is effective, so we feel like we have a lot in common.

Track William Mitchell’s rise to #1 in the nation in Hypnosis Classes, Hypnosis Courses, Hypnosis Certification, Hypnosis Training, and pretty much anything Hypnosis related to his Insitute of professional hypnosis.

5 Responses to “Mitchell Program

  1. Has anyone tried any acai berry products yet? If so, how much weight did you actaully lose? Thanks! :)

  2. Diamota says:

    While it’s true William Mitchell has achieved real results of 30-100 lbs. lost in the weight loss programs offerred at his Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic, a genuine practicing treatment center – we don’t believe he uses any acai berry product.

    Perhaps if you had some video on your site you could gain real hits instead of trying to net attention from others’ blogs?

    -just a thought.

    :) D

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