Sophisticated Matchmaking

Founder and CEO of Sophisticated Matchmaking, Sophia McDonald understands her market position.

“We are not an online dating service – we are traditional matchmakers.”

“Don’t wait for the future to knock on your door – Pursue Love Deliberately!”

Her mission is to serve her clientèle. Time is of the essence, and quality time is particularly valuable. Diamota’s video looks at the hopes of the viewer. We all hold our dreams close, and when something triggers our own memories and dreams, our desires fill us with emotion. This is why video gets such a response.

With a little art, a lot of taste, and a keen sense of the public pulse, the viewers will decide after clicking the invitation to Sophisticated Matchmaking whether the exclusive set is really for them. In the meantime, her message and her presence has been placed before ~40,000 viewers within 3 weeks.

Diamota Says: “It’s all about expansion. You stretch your limits, even your own limits, this is how your business grows.

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