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January, 2010: it seemed that a second generation of marketing came along with Web 2.0, and it’s glossy signature look. We realized after this face-lift on the web that the new look & feel and the new “standards” in marketing were greater than skin deep. There was something like a prevailing philosophy, or at least a mind-set, responsible for the new protocols and standards.

It’s hard to call the new marketing of 2010 next gen. In fact, with nearly $2B dollars of advertising and marketing schemes tested, re-tested, split-tested (and then tested all over again) during 2008-2009, there was simply a conclusive change in the numbers for what works.

“It’s a lot like being in the middle of a decade. Suddenly everyone wakes up and realizes it has a character- something distinctive. In 2010, the character was realized on cue. No waiting- it is up front because we all knew what to expect. We were given the vision of the future at least 40 years ago thanks to Space Odyssey, and we’ve been building it ever since.”

Thanks to the trends and values swirling and simmering like soup which never really managed to gel for an entire decade, an official character was finally ready to roll by 2010. According to historians, this is typical for any turn-of the century society. As if stunned by the “aught years,” taking an entire decade to sift through the best of the trends and styles and social statements of the prior century, something definite emerges like magic in the ‘Teens.

Ours was a Millennium infused with technology and fashion and social consciousness brought together by the information age. Along with a new look, and a new set of marching orders, we now have something official to trend for this decade- and we didn’t even have to wait.

The Information Age is over. We are now in the Implementation Age. This is when we understand how to use this glut of information and make some good with it. Ok, the good part is the hope…

The “new marketing” is a completely good thing. It all boils down to “Be real, don’t waste my time, and gimme what you’ve got.” The keywords are: Transparency, Video, and Value.

Nobody wants hidden agendas. That’s Transparency. People want information in bite-sized chunks. That’s the power of a Video storyboard. They also want relevant information up front. They want to feel value, and if you provide value, you’ve already validated their investment of time. Yes, I said investment.

That’s the #4 concept: Investment. Money and Time are investments. In this world, if you get either from a person you are fortunate.

Following is a short history of Diamota. Our mission is to create a top-level brand within 9 months of launch, and to model a rapid rise from nothing to top visibility. We’re a success oriented service, and we achieve that by taking action. There is so much hype out there – results speak louder than words, and we’re documenting our results.

Thanks for checking in – visit some of our clients who inspire us- chances are they’ll inspire you too.

March 10: conversation held among founders over dinner- (extra-garlic marinara served over rotini) results in the intent to launch our company as a syndicate of marketing mentors, consultants and coaches. We brainstorm the dot-com and register it on the spot. Our product niche is the business owner who has a website and currently advertises, and we will pitch effective advertising using their existing budget.

March 14: We don’t have a website yet, but we get on board to construct Videos for some major players.

March 22: Our design team Springs into action, taking a graphic concept from DreamTemplates.com, turning it into a table-less site using web standards and CSS. Target delivery at 4 weeks in a rapid-development cycle.

April 19th: Pre-launch of website with a stable of 9 clients and more videos on the way.

April 26th: Blog undergoes development based on concept "Imperial Boxcar" by Head Above Code. “After such an intense Photo/Video theme in our .com, we wanted to provide readers with a soft place to land at our blog. We expect traffic in excess of 20,000 visitors in the next few months, and we want them to be comfortable…”

May 16th: Our first search engine related hit resulting in a comment on our blog. That’s less than 2 months since beginning our build.

May 17th: Blog pre-launched to participating businesses.

June 1, 2010: Official Public Launch Date. Concept to Creation, 11 weeks, 6 days, or a total of 83 days. We are all about action.
Oct 12, 2010: Launching Tantra for Men 20 videos poised with SEO raised rankings for Men’s Tantra and related searches from Page 9 to #36 Page 4 within 1 week.

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  1. Tom says:

    In a totally non-snarky way because I’ve done it myself – You’ve got ’s where you really want just an s at least twice in the text above. “get on board to construct Video’s ” and “Nobody wants hidden agenda’s.” I figure you’d want to fix them.


  2. Diamota says:

    Thanks, Tom.

    I always said “I can spell with my eyes closed!” and apparently they really were a couple times. Good catch- and- per our own text above, we’re lucky to have your investment of time. Thanks again :)


  3. Mary Hope says:

    thanks..i m surely gonna use these methods..hope they work for me.

  4. Diamota says:

    Thanks Mary-

    so, your site is SEM friendly but the two-second assessment says that your conversion rates will be low.

    There is only one aspect of SEM represented in your web-presence. Any system which drives hard in one direction will sail in a circle. Instead, trim your sails for balance and you will get conversions.

    Bottom line is- while we don’t talk much about people’s web build, it’s extremely important. We are focused exclusively on the demand for video, our syndicate of specialists (including our web developers) know exactly what’s going on with each aspect of web presence and the +/- impact these elements have when looked at with a total perspective.

    If your goal is ROI, you need to convert your traffic. The real tragedy is that you wont get a second chance with most people- it’s better not to have a site at all than one which doesn’t convert. Your site could be developed – and needs to be developed before implementing video.

    If you want to get on top now, I suggest you complete our contact form and make a formal inquiry targeted at a site marketing assessment. It’s $250 USD for that- or enter our drawing via our home page (www.diamota.com) and possibly win one. We give 12 assessments or videos a year, and the odds are better since we just started up…

  5. Looks sweet, plus your list building info looks interesting as well…Will check out your blog!

  6. I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

  7. Max says:

    @…clinic tampa – we’re leaving your post up here because it’s one of the best attempts at back-linking I’ve seen… plus your site seems like a good service for women- although we don’t really condone abortion, we’re market realists, and your service/concept/website is well done.

    to answer your question- even though it’s explained in the post (lol)- the site is custom created. I made the “Imperial Boxcar” theme expressly for Diamota

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