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Break 80 Golf

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Craig Sigl, the Founder and CEO of Break 80, Inc. has delivered countless successful programs to aid the Golfer and Sports enthusiast. With a clinical practice in Bellevue, WA. and feature spots on King-5 news in Seattle, his programs are recognized to achieve results.

Here’s a great excerpt from one of his blogs showing a cross-section of his operating system:

“You’ve been told all your life that the way to get better at golf is to first take a lesson. Then, go down to the golf range, and practice each individual movement that the pro golf instructor just taught you. And do it until it becomes habit, or repeatable without thinking. Yep, me too.

Here’s the thing. Since it makes sense, and it’s intuitive, it must be right, right?

I will not argue with you that that method I just outlined works. It does. I admit it. In fact, I’m not telling you here or anywhere in my writings not to practice. I never say that practicing golf is bad for your game…far from it!

The problem with most folks though, is either they practice terrible habits, or they don’t have time to practice at all! And so THEY NEVER IMPROVE.

It’s a tragedy really…”

He then backs it up with a solid framework to turn the tragedy into positive traction. Results speak for themselves.

Our clients are successful because they already understand the components of success, and then they take action. Good direction plus action equals results. With Diamota videos, results speak for themselves.

Mitchell Institute

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

People really learn at the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis. Rev. Dr. William Mitchell teaches more than practical science of the mind. His ethical approach offers true self-empowerment to his students, his clients, and his clinical subjects.

Awarded Hypnotist of the Year in 2009 by the Nation’s formally recognized Guild Association for Hypnotists, his accredited hypnosis certification courses, CEU credit courses, stage show trainings, and clinical trainings for Advanced Practitioners of Hypnosis are driving the success of his programs on CD and DVD.

Well respected in his field among his peers, and highly reputable for achieving outstanding and lasting results with his clients, William turned to Diamota’s video to assist with his national campaign to ramp up his business.

Placing 89th nationally in 6 of the most contested search phrases, one week with Diamota video put him at 49th, and his position is still climbing. These were the results before using any Viral Video Campaigns (upcoming June 3rd, 2010). These stats are outstanding considering that there were significant events which magnetized internet traffic away from his sites – events in his field with other national attention being placed upon his competitors and affiliates.

The results when looked at overall are outstanding. In the same week his National ratings soared, he obtained #1-#3 position when adding his home state, Illinois, or “Chicago” to any of the relevant search terms. This is in spite of aggressive competition.

William is found focusing as always on the quality of his personal presence, his stage shows, and the training of his students. After 3 years of misguided marketing with former companies who wanted $10k-$20k just to do SEO, his decision to get equally intent on marketing and passive income streams has started to show signs of success with very little expenditure.

“I have students come to me all the time from other classes who feel like they are missing something. After just one day in my class they start to understand how Hypnosis really works, and they feel like they really learned something they can take with them. Of course, my classes offer more than just a seminar and a few good speeches. We practice in-class with volunteers instead of just student-teams. We offer advanced training and stage hypnosis. We focus on the practical experience of someone who expects to create a real hypnosis practice, and we teach the skills and techniques that create success in clients, because when clients are successful, hypnosis practitioners are successful.”

Hypnosis is a science that is gaining mainstream awareness for it’s proper uses and its ability to assist others toward success, personal habit changes, relief from addictive behavior, and even spiritual growth. It’s a science of the mind that can and should be applied by everyone seeking to fulfill their human potential because it’s a technology that can be applied to nearly any discipline.

Hypnosis can be used to learn, to excel, and to master the limits of the human mind and psyche; and for this reason its appeal is broad. Everyone can gain some value from understanding how it works, particularly the aspect of Self-Hypnosis. Everyone will be able to learn from this “life science” if William has anything to say about it… he has 2 videos already launched and a humorous series slated for June.

When you come across a Mitchell Video, stop by to tell him or tell us that you want him to take #1.

Sophisticated Matchmaking

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Founder and CEO of Sophisticated Matchmaking, Sophia McDonald understands her market position.

“We are not an online dating service – we are traditional matchmakers.”

“Don’t wait for the future to knock on your door – Pursue Love Deliberately!”

Her mission is to serve her clientèle. Time is of the essence, and quality time is particularly valuable. Diamota’s video looks at the hopes of the viewer. We all hold our dreams close, and when something triggers our own memories and dreams, our desires fill us with emotion. This is why video gets such a response.

With a little art, a lot of taste, and a keen sense of the public pulse, the viewers will decide after clicking the invitation to Sophisticated Matchmaking whether the exclusive set is really for them. In the meantime, her message and her presence has been placed before ~40,000 viewers within 3 weeks.

Diamota Says: “It’s all about expansion. You stretch your limits, even your own limits, this is how your business grows.