Second Generation E-Commerce

The Information Age is over. We are now in the Implementation Age.

This is where we understand how to use this glut of information and make some good with it. Ok, the good part is the hope…

So here’s the real deal: 10 years ago we’d have told you all about the web standards of the day. By the year 2000 tangible standards had emerged, and in spite of the apparent dot-com crash of Y2K, e-commerce on the net never dipped. In sales, the chart was a upward graph, and it has grown steadily ever since, sometimes doubling from previous years.

Business models did change, however, and now there is a new evolution (rather than a revolution) in the marketing camp.

Promise we won’t waste your time- let’s flashback 10 years ago, and listen to what we were saying:

“Right now there is a rush to establish top search engine position because that is replacing the Yellow Pages as the way people are finding your business…”

That discussion resulted in two different ways. Small business owners often did not comprehend the value of a website, and marketing seemed like magic at best- or voodoo at worst (sorry, no offense to Vodun practicing Haitian-Americans, or anyone in Louisiana, New Orleans, or Jazz/Blues)… Business owners who did understand the value of websites were still hedging about marketing. Standards or not, it just seemed risky. The internet didn’t have the infrastructure it does today, and the face of the person on the net seemed blurry, if not completely fuzzy.

Still, those who listened came out on top of the game.

Now we have less convincing to do about how important it is to have a website, and there are so many cool things that can be done with a website that it’s about narrowing choices instead of developing them.

But there is still a long way to go before business owners really get it.

Ever since the internet revolution began, our true job has been education. We needed to educate the public how to use it, and most significantly we have had to educate the businesses and entrepreneurs how to value it. When was the last time you bought a product without knowing it’s value?

Contrast that by thinking of the last time you bought a product that you knew was overpriced, or top-dollar, but you didn’t care. Each of those scenarios is about value, or at least- perceived value. No sale due to no value. Or grand sale due to high value. The value was tangible- the price was arbitrary.

We cannot sell our marketing – and you cannot sell your product or service- until someone recognizes the value in it.

Our company is about production, and providing a service to clients who understand the value of marketing in today’s terms. Our takers are ready for action- and results.

We stood up on a soapbox over 10 years ago and spoke somewhat prophetically about the internet replacing the Phone book. To us, that was obvious like the sky is blue. Today, we have our website and marketing plan, and we have the internet as our soapbox. Follow our results and perhaps our marketing methods and success will be obvious to you as well.


2 Responses to “Second Generation E-Commerce”

  1. Code Magician says:

    LOL. “Second Generation” e-commerce? The standards are the same. #1 gets there the same way. Just because it’s harder to get attention and Google-ites are building a new set of favorite content providers doesn’t mean there’s a revolution or even an evolution. That’s like saying every passenger on a Concorde is entering a new dimension of travel. It’s Jet-travel, just faster- oh, and higher priced- which I notice you are too.

    Here’s a great quote from a company on the edge of Cloud Computing, a seemingly new way to do things, but they aren’t hyping themselves up in golden robes:

    “Cloud hosting is the next iteration of hosting. So, having the leader of managed hosting behind you is not such a bad thing.”

    If you want to be leading “the next iteration” of Internet Marketing go ahead, but there’s no such thing as 2nd Gen E-commerce, or even Next-gen E-commerce.

  2. anina says:

    ….”If you want to be leading “the next iteration” of Internet Marketing go ahead, but there’s no such thing as 2nd Gen E-commerce, or even Next-gen E-commerce….”

    Sure there is and you are looking at it.

    When someone said, way back when… ” there is no way people are going to buy things online without being able to touch them..” Somehow the internet and the businesses who believed that it was the “next thing” succeed.

    Just saying….

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